2021 Policies

1. Unpaid items will return to stock 5 days after the request to purchase. (Example, Thursday live sale, must be picked up or paid for by The next Wed) YOU MUST REACH OUT TO US TO HOLD OVER 5 days.

2. Continued failure to pay or pick up orders will result in invoice due in 24 hours. I am sorry, but we have people that comment

weekly on the live and don’t pick up week after week.


3. Items for return, must be done so in 5 days in new condition. Clearance items $5 & $10 sale or grab bag items cannot be returned. They are final sale.


4. We take cash, card and checks that are made out to me. (Shannan Burch) we accept Venmo, PayPal, Facebook pay and we can invoice through square with email.


5. We do not offer a waitlist unless stated in a sale.


6. When we are filling orders from sales, we will “like” your comment as we are placing it in your bag. Unfortunately “no like” means that the item was sold out.


7. We do offer shipping at actual shipping cost from pirate ship.


8. And finally we understand that with the ever changing things around us, that some things are uncontrollable. We ask that you simply reach out to us and let us know something is going on. With communication, we are happy to make arrangements on your orders.


9. Items paid for, and not picked up after 90 days will be donated to a local 501c3 charity.